Car and Bakkie Tyres by Moto-Inn Bloemfontein

Car and Bakkie Tyres by Moto-Inn Bloemfontein

Moto-Inn stocks and has access to a wide range of quality tyres which includes leading brands such as Kumho, Yokohama and Cooper.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our showroom for more information on these brands.

YOKOHAMA - Superior, Well-Balanced Performance Tyres

Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama was established in 1917 in the town Yokohama, in Japan. Over the past century, they have gone from strength to strength, opening many new factories across the world. In South Africa, Yokohama's headquarters are located in Johannesburg and is distributed through YSA a division of the TiAuto Group.
From the off-road enthusiast to the general passenger vehicle, Yokohoma tyres are popular and esteemed for their durability and design. Yokohama a leader in technology and innovation when it comes to tyres.
The company is all about pioneering engineering. "Technology drives better tyres" is one of their philosophies. And they mean it ' their breakthrough technologies include simulations in aerodynamics, water evacuation, rolling resistance, and tread wear.

KUMHO - The Perfect Choice For Any Driving Style

Kumho Tyres

Kumho Tyres is a South Korean company that is part of a much larger group of companies including an international airline, Asiana, a construction company and logistics, petrochemicals and finance operations. Kumho, produces nearly 60 million tyres a year at its factories in Korea, China and Vietnam. Kumho  offers a wide range of tyre choices to fit any drivers' needs and driving style perfectly, from High Performance passenger tyres to  4x4 and SUV tyres.

COOPER - Tough, Tenacious and Intelligent Tyres

Cooper Tyres

Tough, tenacious and intelligent, this comprehensive range of tyres has been built to last. And in these tough economic conditions, it all comes down to value.
It is important to note that value for money doesn’t just mean price. In a Cooper tyre there is more tread going around and across the tyre. This means more strength inside the tyre is needed to support the extra tread on top. This robust construction and tread depth means better grip, more puncture resistance and more mileage. All equating to better long-term value.
Cooper tyres are driven by passion and have a genuine desire to make the world's best tyres. So that’s what we do. Welcome to a whole new road of opportunity.

MICKEY THOMPSON - Performance Tyres & Wheels

Dick Cepec Mag Wheels

Mickey Thompson Performance Tires designs, develops and distributes specialty tires for the street, strip, track, and off-road. Since its founding in 1963, the company has championed many firsts in the tire industry, from wide low-profile street tires to rugged, aggressive-tread off-road tires. Designing and producing innovative tread patterns and compounds to build the best performance tires in the world was our focus then, and is still our focus today.

Mickey Thompson

MAXXIS - High Quality Tyre Products

Maxxis International Tyres

For more than four decades, the people who make up Maxxis International have provided high-quality tyre products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, karts, and lawn and garden care.

With distribution in approximately 160 countries, operations in Asia, Europe and North America, and more than 20,000 employees around the world, Maxxis is one of the largest and most respected tyre companies in the world.

Throughout its history, Maxxis has worked to create lifelong customers. The people who choose our tyres know they can count on us during every stage of their lives, from those first childhood bike rides through changing careers, modes of transportation, and interests. They know we’ll be there when the time comes for their own children to choose tyres.

Find below full catalogues for the brands featured on this page. Please contact us for more information on the availability of these products.


1. Cooper Product Catalgue Download the complete catalogue (4.3MB)
2. Kumho Product Catalog Download the complete catalogue (7.2MB)
3. Mickey Thompson Tyres Catalog Download the complete catalogue (3.1MB)
4. Yokohama Product Catalogue Download the complete catalogue (7.8MB)
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