Car and Bakkie Smash and Grab Accessories by Moto-Inn Bloem

Car and Bakkie Smash and Grab Accessories by Moto-Inn Bloemfontein

Moto-Inn stocks and installs a wide range of Llumar Anti Smash and Grab film to protect you and your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our showroom for more information on the different levels of film used.

LLumar - Anti Smash and Grab Film


Crime is an unfortunate reality and requires measures to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. Smash and grab instances are among the most common and startling of these acts of crime. To protect yourself and property, LLumar has created an anti smash and grab tinting film you can install to get peace of mind today.

Don’t be a victim! Protect your family, yourself, and your valuables with LLumar. Every one of our smash and grab prevention products comes fully backed by years of refinement and a level of quality that rivals the best in the world. Choose the best anti smash and grab tint for your needs.

Llumar Products

Please contact us for more information on the availability of these products.

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