Car and Bakkie Tow/Bull/Roll Bars by Moto-Inn Bloemfontein

Car and Bakkie Tow/Bull/Roll Bars by Moto-Inn Bloemfontein

Moto-Inn stocks and has access to a wide range of tow, bull and roll bars which includes leading brands such as Bosal, Kilber and BTM.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our showroom for more information on these brands.


BOSAL - Fixed, Detachable and Retractable Towbars

Bosal Side Steps

The growing need for versatility of the car has led to an increasing demand for towbars. They increase the efficiency of day-to-day work and also offer many benefits for leisure activities. Whether towing a caravan or boat, transporting bicycles or using a trailer, Bosal has the towbar for the job. Our towbar range includes Fixed towbars, Detachable towbars and Retractable towbars. Today's cars are known for the ever-increasing complexity of their electronic systems, that's why Bosal also offers a specific electrical set for every type of car, guaranteeing a trouble-free installation.

KILBER - Bullbars, Towbars and Rollbars

Kilber Side Steps

Kilber manufactures high quality Roll bars, grill guards, bump protectors, replacement bumpers and side steps in stainless steel, powder coated and Duracoated. Kilber offers a wide range of high quality products for all makes and models, that focuses on comfort and durability.

BTM - Bullbar, Towbar and Rollbar Manufacturers

BTM Side Steps

BTM is an approved original equipment manufacturer, direct supplier and national part distributor of quality Bullbars, Towbars, Bumpers, Rollbars and Side Steps, to southern African vehicle manufacturers and distributors.
With more than 30 years experience, a high-volume manufacturing capacity and national distribution outlets, BTM is geared to deliver to the dynamic requirements of the automotive industry

ARTAV - Stainless Steel Products

Artav Stainless Steel

Owned and run by the same team that introduced the first Stainless Steel Bull bars to South Africa over 15 years ago, we at ARTAV have an experienced and passionate team who are continually developing attractive innovative products for the 4x4 and SUV market.
Our range includes Bull Bars, Nudge Bars, Bumper Protectors, Roll-Bars, Side Steps, Rear Steps, Tow Bars, Winch Plates and Accessories

Artav Products

EXECUHITCH - The Automated Towbar of the Future

Execuhitch Tow bars

Execuhitch is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality removable automatic locking tow bars and accessories. Our tow bars use a variety of different locking mechanisms, making Execuhitch the most versatile towing system available.
Our mission is to change the local towing market with fresh, innovative products and ideas and to provide a solution that will transform your vehicle to suit your lifestyle. We place a very high value on life, and will spare no expense to ensure our customers have access to a safe, reliable and easy-to-use product. You know how a normal tow bar can spoil the appearance of your car? Execuhitch protect your vehicle’s looks with our user-friendly locking mechanisms and hidden designs and will transform your vehicle to enhance your lifestyle!

Find below full catalogues for the brands featured on this page. Please contact us for more information on the availability of these products.

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